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Windows–How Clean is Clean?

We could probably write a book, or at least a few good chapters on this subject.

When it comes to windows, there are all different levels of clean.  Most window cleaning companies console themselves that their offering is commensurate with what the market is willing to pay.  They may or may not be right.  A good thing to ask any window cleaner is: what does your scope of work include?  It may surprise you to learn that for many window cleaners, washing the windows inside and out is basically all they are good for doing…anything additional and you will be charged a surcharge.  What do they charge extra for?

  • Cleaning the screens
  • wiping/scrubbing/vacuuming the sill pockets
  • incidental scraping the glass of sticky debris, paint, tape, etc.
  • dusting the ledges, mullions, etc.
  • de-webbing around the exterior of your window
  • cleaning out the tracks where your storm windows sit

These all come standard with the service A Clean View provides.

I had a lady complain the other day that our service was $15 dollars higher, than what xyz company was offering to do in one of their specials.  I called the company up and determined what the scope of work was.  I only asked about two of the six additional points of service we provide, and they quoted me $80 dollars more for just those two items.  (They were not including any of the above in their special at all.)  I called my client back and told her we could do the same scope of work the special included for the price of the special, but she would lose a minimum of $65 in additional service features she was already getting with our price.  She understood and was happy to pay us what we charged her last time.

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