A Clean View

When is the best time to clean my gutters?

This question often lingers in the minds of our clients.  There is not always a pat answer, but there are guidelines that can help.  If it has been a long time since the gutters were cleaned (over a year) and your gutters are uncovered, it’s time to clean the gutters.  If you have water dripping over your gutters every time it rains, it’s time to clean out the gutters.

Should I wait until all the leaves are down?  If you clean your gutters regularly, waiting until the leaves are down is not a bad idea.  But if they are already overloaded, you may have been waiting too long already.  We actually had a guy send us away after we came out to give an estimate, saying he wanted to wait another week or two until all the leaves came down…his gutter ended up falling off of his house due to the excess weight from the debris in his gutters.  Instead of just cleaning his gutters, we ended up having to replace some of them.

Basically, setting up a maintenance schedule to have your gutters cleaned is the most stress and worry free way to have them taken care of.  Find someone you like who is reasonable (namely us!) and let them put you on a recurring schedule.  As we said before, the cheapest guy in town is not always the best way to go.  See our gutter cleaning page for more info.

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