A Clean View


When and how often should I clean my windows?

For homeowners, we recommend a minimum of once or twice a year depending on your lifestyle and surroundings.

Should I pressure wash before or after I have my windows cleaned?

Always preface window cleaning with pressure washing if that is something you are planning to have done.  Any pressure washing done after window cleaning will almost always affect the clear look of the windows following a window cleaning.

What do I need to do before you come?

For a window cleaning, clearing the way for the window cleaners is always helpful.  Remove any breakables from around the window area and clear the path to the window as much as possible.  This may include: opening/removing the drapes, lifting the blinds, moving furniture and other items from the windows, etc.  For anything  you cannot do, we will end up doing what is necessary to protect your property and clean your glass.

For gutter cleaning, you would want to make sure the gutter cleaners can move around your home with their ladders and be able to place them under the gutters.  Having your car out of the way of where a gutter is can be helpful.

For pressure washing, we are concerned about our cleaning solutions affecting your personal property.  Vehicles that are not garaged should be parked at least 25-30 feet away from the house.  Flags and other cloth items (cushions, etc.) should be brought in or set away from the house.  Breakables around the house should be moved away.  Rest assured, before we begin pressure washing, we walk around the house and address anything that would be affected by the pressure washing process.