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Do you provide phone quotes?

cleanviewflier-slider1-300x233We get a goodly number of calls asking for quotes over the phone.  We are happy to provide these when possible, but the caller must understand that these are ballpark estimates.  What kind of information do you need to be prepared to give for a good phone quote?

For window cleaning: knowing the quantity and kind of windows your home has is critical for a good phone quote.  Questions we would ask you would include:

  • Are the windows sashed?  If so, how many panes of glass per sash?  (i.e. six over six)
  • Are the windows screened?
  • Are there storm windows?  If so, how many?
  • Are there doors or entryways with windows built in them?  (i.e. transom windows or side lights on either side of the doors)
  • How many windows per story?
  • When is the last time the windows were cleaned?
  • Is there construction cleanup involved?

For gutter cleaning:  knowing the amount of linear feet of gutter you have (not how many square feet your home is) is extremely helpful to us.  This combined with information about the height of your gutters really helps.  A good example might be as follows:  “I’d like a phone quote for cleaning out my gutters and have the following:

  • 50 feet of open second story (about 20 feet high) gutters in front
  • 15 feet of open gutters on the first floor (or about 10 feet high)
  • 50 feet of covered second story (about 20 feet high) gutters in back
  • 45 feet of open gutters in the back (first floor) – of which 25 feet are gutters over gutters.  (In other words, the gutter cleaner has to get on the lower roof to access the second story gutters.)

Having this information in hand will shorten the duration of your call and help us give you a solid phone quote.  Remember, all of our estimates are free, so if you don’t want to be bothered with these details, simply fill out a contact form, and we’ll come out to put your estimate together.

Finally, a picture is worth a thousand words, so if you supply us with pictures of your home with the windows or gutters visible, and email or text these to us, it can save you the trouble of learning so much about your windows or gutter system for a quote.  This especially helps us with people who live in remote locations!

For pressure washing: sending us detailed pictures is what we really need for a phone quote.  (Descriptions don’t seem to help in this case.)

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