A Clean View

Deck Staining

As part of our offering, we provide deck staining along with our pressure washing services.

In general, every time a deck is pressure washed it’s a good time to visit whether or not it needs to be re-stained or sealed.  Why?  Water has an a way of working itself into the wood of your deck causing mold, mildew and rot.  When your deck seal, or stain is compromised or worn off, it allows the water to work its way into your wood and begin the process of breaking it down.  Keeping your deck sealed and maintained will ensure your deck gives you years of service.

We have experience with many different types of stains, and are sure we could help you identify what your deck needs to look it’s best.  We have had great results with Cabot, Sikkens, and Southern Tradition deck stains.

Feel free to reach out to us for an estimate, or some input on your deck needs.