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A Word about Gutter Protection Systems

Some of you may be wondering about getting gutter covers.  Should I get them, shouldn’t I? There are so many kinds of gutter caps and covers.  How do I know what to get?  What is the best bang for my buck as regards to a gutter protection system?

Truth be told, here are no “perfect” gutter covers to be found.  Why?  Due to the variety of trees in good ol’ Va, one type of gutter cover may work well for some types of foliage, and not for other types.  Roof configuration also plays an important part.  Even if you have the “perfect” gutter cover that won’t let debris in, you may get all kinds of debris sitting on your roof, simply because of its design.

Having gutter covers is certainly helpful.  It will absolutely reduce the possibility and frequency of your gutters clogging and choking your downspouts.  As a result, with a functional gutter system, the water will be channeled away from your home, protecting your foundation and minimizing water damage that otherwise would come into play around your home causing the need for replacement and repairs.

From an economics perspective, it will save a homeowner thousands of dollars in many cases to have gutter caps installed, so it’s a no brainer when you compare the price of your home with the price of having gutter helmets or covers installed.  The related repairs due to ice damming and foundation damage as a result of no or compromised gutter systems far outweighs the cost of a good functional gutter protection system.

Having said that, not all gutter protection systems are equal.  Some don’t work at all for the type of trees in the area, or are extremely limited in their functionality, some allow certain types of debris to come into the gutter which will eventually build up and collect weight in the gutter.  In our experience, we really haven’t found a completely reliable gutter cover that works for any roof configuration and any type of tree debris all the time.  At one point or another, you’ll probably have to have someone come out to service those gutters…but a good gutter system with gutter covers will reduce the frequency of those service visits.

Some of you are in areas where the trees are dense, and when they start to drop, those gutters fill up pronto! You may have gutter cleaning service three and four times a year.  In these cases, we highly recommend having gutter covers installed for your home.  This absolutely will save you money in gutter cleaning and maintenance and keep your gutters clog-free for the duration.

As we’ve been cleaning gutters since 2001, we’ve searched high and low for the best solutions as regards eliminating clogged gutters by installing gutter caps, helmets, covers, screens, etc.  At this point, we’ve arrived at two low cost solutions (between $2 and $3/linear foot installed), and one permanent and most advanced protection solution we could find which runs about $22/linear foot).  The latter is a complete gutter and gutter protection system made of metal, handles high volumes of water, and has covers that are very easily removable for any follow-up maintenance that may be needed.  It comes with a 100% guarantee which is transferable if and when your home is sold.

Feel free to request a free estimate from us for a gutter cover installation.

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